I just started binge watching the Netflix series Bridgeton and I’m already completely obsessed and not only with the storyline but can we stop for a minute and talk about the music?

If you don’t know, Bridgerton  is Netflix’s new period piece that’s basically a mix of Downton Abbey, Gossip Girl with a bit of Fifty Shades of Grey tossed in.  The show is based on the popular Julia Quinn romance novels and  was adapted for television by Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy fame, which actually makes sense to why the music is just so crush worthy. 

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Although set in the 1800s, the musical choices for the series are basically front and center modern, but you need to listen closely. A few episodes in and I finally realized what I was hearing and why it sounded so familiar. 

Although the songs were performed in string quartet fashion to fit the 19th century vibe,  the songs are definitely here and now. Take for instance the first episode,  “Thank U, Next,” originally by Ariana Grande, is covered in a version by Vitamin String Quartet. And yes that is the popular Maroon 5 song “Giris like you” playing also by Vitamin String Quartet. Crazy right?

Episodes are filled with popular songs  performed in the styles of the times fitting a show filled with debonair men and ladies in corsets. Other artist such as Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish also have their chart topping tunes make an appearance.

Fans of the Executive Producer's previous shows, like Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, will know that Rhimes has often relied on Pop music as part of her storytelling, especially when it comes to conveying emotions. This time, it’s just a little more refined. 


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