I get it, I get it, and I am right there with you. I hate, HATE wearing face masks (even the cute ones with all the sparkly rhinestones on the front)!

Face masks (PPE's) are, however, helping other people in countries across the world (i.e. this story about Italy) stave off higher coronavirus transmission cases, so that is why I wear one anyway.

  • I would put a face mask on that's clean.
  • I would put my face mask on in Palestine.
  • I might put one on my dog.
  • I might wear one when I jog.
  • Even though it's not required, I'd put my face mask on in Tyler!
  • I would wear my face mask on a tram.
  • I would wear my face mask around my fam.
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  • Put a face mask on, hot da*n!
  • Put yo' face mask on, Sam I Am!

Now that the governor (pronounced in Longview as "guv-nuh") has issued new coronavirus shutdown warnings, people around me are starting to ask, "will we be FORCED to start wearing face masks in Texas?!"

Well, that is a fine question to ask. The health board in Tyler has already asked a judge in Smith County, and he says, "Heck nah!" (I'm paraphrasing, here.)

Nathaniel Moran, a Constitutional County Court judge told KLTV news, "I’m not presently planning to issue a mandatory order for individuals to wear masks."

Sounds like a "heck naw" to me.

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