East Texas is "over flowing" with fantastic soil and conditions perfect for going grapes for wine. We are lucky enough to have a wide variety of wineries to visit. We complied a quick list of places you may want to visit the next time you are up for an adventure.

  • oni wahid, flickr
    oni wahid, flickr

    Fairhaven Vineyards

    5340 S. FM 2869 Hawkins, TX 75765

    In our beautiful pine forests of East Texas is the Fairhaven Vineyards. This establishment just keeps on growing and now covers 11+ acres. Here they raise their grapes to make exceptional wine that includes nine different Estate wines and also a "Heritage Series".

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    oc_layos, flickr

    KE Bushman's

    1565 FM 2493E, Bullard, TX 75757

    The best of the best in Texas wines can be found at KE Bushman's. They offer you a chance to taste all the different varieties and then grab a bottle to take home. Be sure to taste their famous "Texas Vitzin" (our personal favorite), it is a great combination of cherries, kiwi, strawberries, and honey.

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    jddroske, flickr

    Kiepersol Estates Vineyards

    3933 FM 344 East, Tyler, TX 75703

    The Kiepersol Estates Winery is on 51 acres and produces just about everything. The list includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Syrah, Tempranillo, Mouvedre, Pinot Gris, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Malbec and Muscat de Alexandria. KE Winery got it's start in 1998 and it's first vintage was in 2000. Here they offer a full wine experience with tours, tasting, a resturant, and even a five-room bed and breakfast.

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    PanDiSal, flickr

    Maydelle Country Wines

    175 CR 2108, Rusk, TX 75785

    This is just the cutest little winery that is close to the historic Texas State Railroad. At Maydelle County Wines they take pride in producing wine with fruit and grapes that were grown right here in our amazing state. Talk about supporting local businesses. They have won several awards for their special wine like the Lemon, Creole Blush and Grapefruit. So come on down to this family friendly establishment for free tasting and tours.

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    Rob Malvern, flickr

    Sweet Dreams Winery

    2549 Anderson County Road 441, Palestine, TX 75803

    Just north of Palestine on Anderson County Road 441 you can find Sweet Dreams Winery. We suggest getting a "winerarita" and relaxing with friends on their covered poarch. SDW and been in the business since 2006 and have won awards for their Blackberry-Grape and Honey-Raspberry wine. Everything stage of the wine making process is competed at this serene piece of paradise.

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    ooMMER, flickr

    Tara Vineyard & Winery

    8603 County Road 3914, Athens, TX 75752

    "Enjoy a sip of Texas" at Tara Vineyard and Winery. What is really special about this 33 acre establishment has to be the views. They offer you a chance to enjoy a great glass sitting on the patio of a historic home built in the late 1800s. Planning a romantic wedding? They have you taken care of and are available for other events, tasting and tours.

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    le1717y, flickr

    Dixie Wine Company

    47549 US Hwy 69, Mt Selman, TX

    When you drink the wine from Dixie Wine Company you are tasting the fruit grown here in East Texas. Here they do carry the conventional grape wines but their specialty is in the fruit variety including peach, strawberry, kiwi, and raspberry. One service that they offer that we think is really unique is that you can go in and select different fruits to be brewed together and they will get you your own batch with personalized labels.

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