Friday nights across Texas in the Fall is all about football. We gather at our hometown stadium to root on our team and for each kid on the field.

Friday night, November 8, one special student got to team up with his brother on senior night and score a touchdown for his team according to

16 year old Conner Castillo has cerebral palsy and has been wheelchair bound his entire life. However, Conner is on the sideline cheering on his favorite team every home game. To repay that support, his home team, Bosqueville Bulldogs, worked it out with their opponent, Axtell Longhorns, for a special moment on the field.

Conner got to put on a helmet, line up in the backfield, take the hand off and sprint down the field for a touchdown. Right there with Conner was his older brother, Aaron, to push him down the field for the score.

You're cheering and crying at the same time.

It's moments like this that make us realize that the game being played on the field is just a game. Conner doesn't let anything slow him down. He is the kind of person we all need to look up to.

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