A wild story coming out of the Houston area as police there are searching for a woman who went on a rampage at a car dealership, vandalizing their offices and taking off in a Mercedes after she used some very wild means to gain entry into the building.

Surveillance video shows a thief breaking into a car shop on Monday morning in southeast Houston.

According to ABC13, employees at Texas Trust Auto Sales came to work on Monday and found their business in shambles. Mounir Driss, owner of the dealership, said he discovered the damage at about 9:00 a.m. After checking surveillance footage they realized that a woman did a ton of damage to the lot.

The thief used a car battery, a drive shaft, and her brute strength to bust through sheetrock of the shop.

ABC13 YouTube
ABC13 YouTube

Once the woman broke in, she first went where they keep car parts and paint. Video shows her face clearly looking through the hole in the wall before pushing herself through it and vandalizing the property. She ransacked the office then proceeded to spray paint weird messages all over the property

She wore sunglasses and a sports bra while she vandalized a black Chevrolet Camaro writing, "Jesus loves you."

ABC13 Youtube
ABC13 Youtube

She also painted the number seven all over walls and wrote out the message, "I love Anexa." Whoever "Anexa" is, I'm sure she doesn't want to be caught up in this drama. After doing all of this, she found the keys to a gold Mercedes SL500 hard-top convertible and took off. Police are now looking for her and the car if you have helpful information, you're asked to call CRIME STOPPERS at 713-222-TIPS.

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