In New Jersey, 40 year old Lori Stilley has been arrested and charged with faking bladder cancer to gain assistance. It began in 2011, after breaking the sad news to her family and friends, Stilley was financially backed by bake sales, car washes, and raffles -- where more than $10,000 for her healthcare. According to authorities, it was all a scam.

Stilley informed her family and friends - even her Facebook friends that she'd been diagnosed with Stage 3 bladder cancer and would have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. Two months later, she announced that the disease progressed to Stage 4 bladder cancer.

With the frightening and heartbreaking news in tow, those closest to her began raising money to pay for her health care. Stilley even wrote an e-book entitled,  "I'mpossible: How A Facebook Group Loved Me Through Bladder Cancer", which earned more than $3,000 dollars.

Lori Stilley's family even went as far as to pay for her wedding to longtime boyfriend so that the two could be married before her passing.

So what happened? Well, Lori's sister is the one who became increasingly suspicious of Stilley when she claims her "story kept changing."  After Stilley changed her Facebook status saying that she was feeling a miracle coming on, her own sister turned her in for fraud.

Stilley was charged with theft by deception. Her attorney, Adam Malmut made a statement regarding his client, saying this is all a lie:

"The Prosecutor's Office has not presented me with any competent evidence that would lead me to believe they are able to prove my client did anything wrong. The only evidence I'm aware of are statements made that I believe to be slanderous in nature from a family member with whom she's had a fractured relationship."

Stilley was released on a $25,000 bond. Her lawyer still claims that the charges are false.

"For this defendant to represent that she was dying from this terrible disease for the sake of personal gain and sympathy goes way beyond simply being a criminal offense. It was extremely cruel to those who were concerned and worked hard to lend assistance."


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