I bet anyone who was around the Dollar General in Cheektowaga, N.Y., on this day would never have expected this. And it was all caught on video.


A man in his car filmed an altercation he was having with Janelle Ambrosia after she became angry at him for his car's noise scaring her children. The video starts after the initial incident, but we still see plenty of the woman's tirade, which is full of blatant racist slurs.

She makes no apologies for her racism (and she hasn't since the video went viral), as she repeatedly calls the man in the car the "N-word" out in the open and in front of her two kids behind her.

At one point she threatens to call the cops -- and even made known her profession as a stripper, asking the guy "Do you know how many cops I strip for?" -- she eventually calls her husband. She says her husband also “doesn’t like black people” and would “kill him.”

Ambrosia shared her side of the story with WBLK in Buffalo, insisting she isn't racist, but then her Twitter page doesn't exactly back that up.

Here's the interview:

And a few Tweets here:


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