Okay, I've heard everything now. Pizza Hut has actually developed, and is selling, their own fragrance. Pizza - seriously? Well, I think the scent is more like pizza dough, but really!?  The fragrance was developed by Pizza Hut Canada, the idea originally started out as a joke on the company’s Facebook page.

After the company got more than 280 comments and 180 likes, the ad team jumped on the popularity of the posting and decided to make the fragrance. The outcome -  a scent that smells like freshly baked pizza dough and pizza seasonings.

That reminded of Burger King's men's body spray that was marketed in 2008. The scent smelled like, you guessed it, broiled meat.

I'm curious to know how many of you would actually wear the Pizza Hut fragrance.  Let me know on the poll below. For some reason, I'm awfully hungry!

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