If you're looking for some ocean-front property with a killer backyard to match, I've got just the place. Granted...it's going to set you back a few million dollars.

Traylor Island, a piece of land just off of Texas' Gulf coast near Rockport, is listed as an iconic landmark and the perfect place for a lover of the outdoors to enjoy boating and fishing. Here's the catch; the price tag sits just under $25M at $24,980,000.

Yeah, I suffered a bit of sticker shock too. However, that covers acres of land for boating, fishing, bird-watching...and really anything else you could think of.

Traylor Island/Courtesy: HAR.com
Traylor Island/Courtesy: HAR.com

The island serves as the northern border of the "hallowed fishing grounds" of the Estes Flats, which is near Aransas Pass. According to the island's listing on HAR, "generations of boaters and outdoors enthusiasts have formed their own special memories around the shores of this Texas treasure."

Do you have $25M to spare? Maybe split the cost with a friend?

The island has been listed for sale for nearly 180 days, so here's to hoping someone places an offer soon!

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