It started innocently enough with the Bexar County Police Department a few weeks ago. It has since turned into a national phenomenon. Police departments across the country are receiving national coverage and racking up millions of views on social media with the Police Lip Sync Challenge.

Last week The Athos Group, a Texas-based security management outsourcing company, announced plans to parlay the latest internet phenomenon into money for charity. They also hope to help bolster the viral videos that their CEO believes show the important, often forgotten, human-side of our nation's police officers.

Athos was founded in East Texas, and based in Tyler for their first ten years of its existence. Founder, and CEO Chris White knows the importance of police work and community outreach, he was a police officer for nearly twenty years in East Texas.

"This was absolutely something we had to support," White told us over the phone. "These men and women are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters... Anything that shows the human side of police officers is good for the communities they serve."

Now headquartered in Dallas, Athos operates in forty-five states. They are proud to work with officers from over 1,000 police departments across the U.S.

Athos will be supporting The Police Lip Sync Battle with a contest for charity on their Facebook page. The winner of the contest will be the video that receives the most likes. How much does the winning video's charity of choice get? For every video posted to their page Athos will donate $100 dollars (up to $5,000), currently twenty videos have been shared, so the pot is up to $2,000.

Tell your local police department to submit their video here. Then get everyone in your city to vote, the video with the most likes wins. The winner will be announced on Monday, July 23rd.

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