A TikToker was stunned to find a big old nasty mess of goopy mold at the bottom of a Capri Sun after noticing the pouch was a little more swollen than usual. He realized that his kids have been drinking moldy Capri Sun, and, as you can probably imagine, was not pleased.

@victormarceloaguilarThis needs to be a concern!!!! #caprisun #fyp #dangerous #forthekids #makeachange #mold #fixtheproblem♬ original sound - Victor Marcelo Aguil

He dumps the drink into a clear glass cup and a chunk of something orange and slimy just plops right into the glass. It's totally disgusting.

"Do you see that f***ing s***? This is bulls***. The kids have been drinking this," the man exclaims after the blob falls into the glass.

My lunchbox usually had a Capri Sun in it when I was a kid, but I can't say for sure if I ever had one with mold it in. I know that I definitely drank ones with bloated packaging, but I was just a dumb 8-year-old that had no idea that bloated packaging could mean the product has gone bad. I probably had a few chunky slurps of moldy juice in my day without even realizing it. EWW.

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There is, however, a clear area on the underside of a Capri Sun where you can take a gander at what's inside your juice before you drink it. You may want to tell your kids to take a peek at what's inside their juice before they drink it.

I've always believed that totally clear packaging is truly the best way to go. Otherwise, how will you know exactly what you are sipping on?

Happy nightmares!

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