Being a police officer in Texas, or anywhere, is one of the hardest jobs to undertake. They have to deal with people that feel they are above the law on a daily basis. If an officer does even the slightest thing wrong, watch groups start throwing around criticisms with very little context. It can be a job where "f#*@ you" is heard more than "thank you." It's a tough job full of armchair quarterbacks yelling about their performance on a daily basis. That's why there are some things that Texas police do not want you to know about them.

Being a Police Officer is Tough

I have the upmost respect for law enforcement in East Texas. 98% of them are great cops who really are living up to the serve and protect mantra. It's those 2% that always get the attention and give police in general a bad name. That's why in some instances it's important for police to keep how they do their job out of public knowledge. If we knew everything about it or everything they have to deal with, we'd understand how hard and difficult an officer's job is.

Tricks of the Trade

The list below is not to disparage what an officer does, it is to show what an officer has to do to get to the truth of a situation. Sometimes, getting the truth out of a suspect requires playing a little bit of the suspect's game. That includes inserting a fib or two in the questioning to get a reaction or offering a beverage to secretly get DNA evidence or just simply digging through the trash to find an answer or answers.

So below is 14 Things Texas Police Do Not Want You to Know about what they do to get the truth of a situation.

There are 14 Things Texas Police Do Not Want You to Know

Police in Texas have the hardest job of anyone. That also means they do not want you to know everything about how they do their job. A new list shows some things that police do not want you to know about them.

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