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Like it or not, your relatives are on the way. Whether they're staying with you, with your grandmother or in a hotel, sometime over the next month, at some point someone is going to say they're bored and they'll be looking for something to do. Honestly, some East Texans find themselves saying this nearly every single weekend and they live here!

So after the family has visited for a while and caught up with each other, consumed the Thanksgiving feast, recovered from the tired feeling from the tryptophan from the turkey, watched all the football that they can handle, and had a disagreement or two over politics and then settled them what's next? Well, there's plenty of things to do to answer that 'what's next' part.

You might not think Tyler, Longview and all of our beautiful surrounding cities don't have much to offer tourists, but they do. So once you hear that phrase, "I'm bored. What can we do?", that's when you jump into action. You're already reading this and now is the time to keep scrolling through the following ideas I've come up with for you and how to handle and answer that question. From children's museums to safaris, zip-lining, to state parks, Christmas destinations and activities and more, there will be something in the following list to take defeat and beat down that boredom.

Now it's time to take on a new adventure with the family this holiday and to kick boredom to the curb with these fun East Texas activities.

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Now it's time to take on a new adventure with the family this holiday and to kick boredom to the curb with these fun East Texas activities.

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