School will be starting back for many in a couple of months with new classes to attend and new friends to make. During the summer break, some members of the various East Texas ISDs will work on changes to rules or codes or other tweaks for the upcoming school year. Longview ISD held their board of trustees meeting last night (Monday, June 12) in Longview, Texas to discuss some changes including a dress code change and the conversion of two older school buses into food trucks.

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School Bus to Food Truck Conversion

Longview ISD board members approved a plan Monday night (June 12) to send two older Longview ISD school buses to San Antonio to be converted into food trucks. The school plans to use these trucks to serve breakfast and lunch during the school year and also to be utilized for their summer feeding program. The food trucks may also be used at home football games to ease some of the congestion at the stadium's concession stand. This conversion, if state or federal funds are approved, would not come from local school funds. In total, the project is expected to cost $432,583.77.

As a result of the attraction of food trucks for lunchtime, we would expect a dramatic increase in participation in our lunch and breakfast programs. The strategic locations of the additional serving lines, plus the marketing of a food truck program, will create a more appealing atmosphere for our Child Nutrition program. - Dr. James Hockenberry, Assistant Superintendent of District Services

This is a mock up of what the food truck could possibly look like:

Longview ISD
Longview ISD

Nothing was mentioned about what foods would be specifically served in the food truck other than the general breakfast and lunch. It was also not stated if students would participate in serving or preparing the food in the food trucks.

Changes to the Dress Code

Also during this same meeting, the school board made a change to the dress code in that instead of each campus having a certain color polo shirt to wear, all students on any campus can wear any solid color polo shirt as long as there are no patterns, writing or logos on the shirt.

Longview ISD
Longview ISD

You can get all the details on the Monday, June 12 Longview ISD board meeting at

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