Halloween is a special time for many every year. Its the one day where they can dress up as someone completely outside of their everyday character or just as their favorite movie or television character. There are some who are imaginative enough to build their own unique costume. This new list will offer some inspiration for those who haven't decided on what or who they will dress as for Halloween this year.

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Be Anything You Want

Halloween is a fun time for me but not one where I will go all out every single year. One year I went as a member of the Average Joe's dodgeball team. Another year, I dressed as 1920's era gangster with my girlfriend as a 1920's flapper. Its never been anything super over the top, though. I have one friend who has an imagination big enough to create her own characters. One unique costume was her as a steampunk Tinkerbell. It was really cool.

Dressing Your Pet Up is a Crime

I had to raise an eyebrow at some of these favorite costumes for 2022 for pets, kids and adults, though. Your already cute dog as Tigger? Your kid as a convict? Putting clothes on your pets is already a jailable offense in my book so dressing them for Halloween is just ridiculous, but a lot of people love to do it so it just comes down to your opinion on the subject.

Dinosaurs are Awesome

On the other hand, whether its a kid or an adult, those T-Rex costumes are an absolute blast any time of the year. I have gotten inside of one and will high five anyone I see dressed in one on the street. They are awesome costumes and always put a smile on my face.

But here we go, according to costumes.com, these are the most popular costumes for pets, kids and adults for two thousand and twenty two:

Favorite Halloween Costumes for 2022

According to costumes.com, these are the most popular costumes for pets, kids and adults for two thousand and twenty two.

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