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The relatives are in town for Christmas and the holidays. Whether they're staying with you, at your in-laws, grandmother's house or in a hotel, at some point someone is going to say they're bored and they're looking for something to do. When you think about some East Texans even asking themselves that very same question probably every weekend, 'What is there to do?'

When you drill it down and look at it, East Texas offers up a lot of different activities and everyone in your family to enjoy. Once Christmas lunch or dinner has been consumed and you've recovered from gorging yourself out on turkey, ham, enchiladas or pizza what's next?

There are plenty of things to do to answer the 'what's next' question.

You might not think Tyler, Longview and all of our beautiful surrounding cities don't have much to offer tourists, but they do. So once you hear that phrase, "I'm bored. What can we do?", that's when you jump into action. You're already reading this and now is the time to keep scrolling through the following ideas I've come up with for you and how to handle and answer that question. From children's museums to safaris, zip-lining, state parks, Christmas light destinations, mini-golf and more, there will be something to entertain everyone on the following list to take defeat and beat down that boredom.

Now it's time to take on a new adventure with the family this holiday and to kick boredom to the curb with these fun East Texas activities.

21 Fun-Filled Things To Do In East Texas For Your Bored Out-Of-Town Relatives

Now it's time to take on a new adventure with the family this holiday and to kick boredom to the curb with these fun East Texas activities.

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