Most Texans love making a stop at Buc-ee's during a road trip across our state. I say most because some Texans don't believe Buc-ee's is really that big of a deal and that's okay. I for one am a fan of the pit stop with their great tasting brisket sandwich, stylish t-shirts and bathrooms you can dine in. Speaking of bathrooms, the son of Buc-ee's co-founder, Donald E. Wasek, is facing some serious charges after his friends found hidden cameras in his Dallas, Texas apartment, a Lake Travis home owned by his father and another location in Colorado. It's creepy stuff that I'll go into below.

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Illegal Video Recording

In May of this year, some friends of Mitchell Wasek, son of Buc-ee's co-founder Donald Wasek, were visiting Mitchell at a Lake Travis home owned by his father. One of those friends noticed a power brick plugged into an outlet in one of the bathrooms that contained a hidden camera. On the camera's Micro SD Card, the friends found pictures and video of them, both male and female, using the bathroom, taking a shower, changing clothes and being intimate in the bedroom.

They were unaware that the recordings existed in the bedroom and bathroom, and indicated they did not consent to being recorded or photographed. - Arrest Affidavit

Multiple Locations Recorded

What makes this all the more disturbing is that the pictures and videos date back to 2021 and were recorded in different locations. Some came from Mitchell Wasek's apartment in Dallas while others came from the Lake Travis lake house, an Austin condo and a vacation home in Telluride, Colorado. The Lake Travis and Colorado properties are owned by Mitchell's father.

Only the Son Involved

It appears that no other member of the Wasek family had anything to do with these illegal recordings. The arrest affidavits state that Mitchell was the only one present when these recordings took place. Mitchell has been charged with 28 felony counts of invasive visual recordings. He was giving a $100,000 bond, which was paid, and was released (

Mitchell Wasek - Austin Police Department
Mitchell Wasek - Austin Police Department

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Luckily, this is a situation that did not happen at a Buc-ee's location. This seems to be an alleged act carried out by only the son and no other member of the family. He will have to face a jury of his peers to determine guilt or innocence at a later date.

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