You truly can find almost anything on Craigslist. Whether you're looking for the "Best. Roommate. Ever." or the greatest 1995 Pontiac Grand-Am of all-time, or perhaps even a one-third of scale Star Wars Tie-Fighter, Craiglist can always be there for you.

And when it comes to looking for a great or grossly weird job opportunity in Tyler or East Texas, Craigslist is your savior. Check out these five Tyler/East Texas job postings that might drop your jaw, widen your eyes or shake your head:

Apparently, climbing trees can be a full-time job. Can I build tree houses for a living? This guy knows how to do it, so maybe he needs a job.

I'm not really sure what WE'RE SO EXCITED about because this job posting tells you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this job that someone is SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT!!! But, we all know you can't get the point across unless you use AT LEAST THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

Probably not the best headline choice for today's society, but this one sounded interesting, to say the least. I mean, who wouldn't want to see a puppy lick a camera lens for 50 bills?

A "fun" new startup business is apparently coming to East Texas, but it's allegedly not like this one that made serious noise in Lubbock recently.

And this one takes home first place:

I will say this: this ad does look professional and legit. But, so are those emails we get from the prince of Nigeria every other day, because he just can't find anyone to take over his millions. Needless to say, Craigslist is probably not the best place to advertise for surrogate mothers. Just sayin'.

And if you need some more great entertainment, you can waste hours at a time on The Best of Craigslist.