The month of May is designated as a time to celebrate the deliciousness that is salsa. As Texans, we all know when salsa is up to par, and I've got 5 recommendations in Tyler just for you!

So make it a goal for May to go eat all the salsa you can and if you're feeling especially adventurous try making your own homemade version! But for those days when you just aren't in the mood for making your own, check out these options:

The red salsa. The green salsa. They're both great...but any real Don Juan's customer knows that the best way to eat them is to mix them together. Never tried it? Go and do it ASAP.

Chuy's has a really delicious salsa, and it's served warm (yum!). Especially if you want salsa that won't burn your mouth with the spice, this is a great option.

3. Gus'

Just south of Tyler, you can get some delicious salsa from Gus' in Gresham. As an added bonus, I would recommend getting a margarita while you're there...well worth it.

Yes, it may not be specifically a Mexican restaurant, but their chips and salsa appetizer won't disappoint! They've got the blend of flavors down perfectly.

The new location by FRESH has all your favorite recipes from the original, and the salsa is still wonderful too!

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