Gilmer is named after former US Navy Secretary, Thomas Walker Gilmer, and sits on U.S. Highway 271, and Texas highways 154 and 155, and they have a pretty great high school football team too.  Gilmer sits in the heart of East Texas, and there are plenty of other less-obvious facts to know about this hidden gem.

When you think of Gilmer, you might think of big fun events that celebrate the greatness of the yam, but there are a host of other reasons to love Gilmer besides those semi-sweet carbs that are delicious with marshmallows.

5 Random and Fun Facts About Gilmer

1.  The Historic Upshur Museum sits in an old post office at 119 Simpson Street, and the building has been there since 1926.  It was a post office up until 1991, and then it became a museum.

2.  Lake Gilmer is a top attraction, about four miles west of Gilmer, and they're in the process of developing a huge chunk of land (over 1500 acres) into hiking and nature trails and bird watching stations.  The City of Gilmer says a swimming and picnic area will be developed on the north end of the lake near the dam area.

3.  Rowdy Creek Ranch is a destination for many Texas road trippers and glampers. It's a winery that offers wine tasting, weekend retreats, glamping in vintage trailers, a stocked fish pond, and more at 4048 State Highway 300 in Gilmer.

4.  Gilmer has three state championships under its belt.  The high school football team won state titles in 2004, 2009, and 2014, and Gilmer won a state championship in boys track in 2015.

5.  It's the spot for the East Texas Yamboree, held every year during the third weekend of October.  We love a celebration in East Texas that revolves around food, and the Yamoboree celebrates the glory of the sweet potato or the "yam" which is an important crop for Gilmer farmers and a good source of vitamin A.

The East Texas Yamboree is set for October 20th through 23rd.  The Tater Trot will happen October 16th and they'll also have an Essay and Poetry Contest, barn dance, and queen's coronation, in addition to the yam-centered foods.  Don't miss it!


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