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A friend of mine once said that any time a person says "always" or "never," you can usually stop listening because there aren't many things that are always true and just as few are never true.

Understanding that those absolutes don't enter the picture, there are several things generally perceived that men do better than women, and vice versa, that women do better than men.

I've said many times that women have better memories than men. They can remember the one time a guy screwed up 27 years ago and will drag it into every argument.  But, we're not going to screw up this perceptual piece with real facts. Hope you saw the joke there.

No, this is all about perception. The things that men are generally considered to be better suited for and those things women appear to just be naturally better at.  And those innate talents really parallel what the book, "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus," had to say.  Men essentially are all about the head and logic.  Women appear to generally thrive when it comes to heart or emotional issues.

So take a look and see if you agree with the assessment of The 5 Things Men and Women Are Each Better At

The 5 Things Men and Women Are Each Better At

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