With all the things you need to bring to college, it can be easy to forget some things at home. Check out my list of things you just can't do without here:

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
  • Command Strips

    Seriously, these are lifesavers in a dorm or apartment. They can hang basically anything on walls without pulling the paint off afterward. They're great, and I would strongly suggest buying them in bulk.
  • Pictures

    While a lot of freshmen think they never want to be reminded of home, pictures of your friends and family will be nice to see when you get home everyday! I definitely think it's worth printing a few out to hang up or place around your room.
  • Storage Equipment

    Dorm rooms and apartments don't usually have a lot of storage capacity, so it's important to set your room up to have extra space. Shelves are a must, as are multi-clothes hangers and storage bins. Plan ahead, I promise it helps.
  • Manuals

    Bringing a TV? Bring the manual. Bringing your laptop? Bring the manual. Bringing anything that comes with a manual? Bring it. Even if you don't think you'll ever need the serial number or information about the product, it's definitely possible. I'd advise putting all of them in a folder at your desk!
  • Your Favorite Things

    Your dorm or apartment at school is going to be your home, and it should feel like it! Make sure to bring things that will make you comfortable, whether that's stuffed animals, your favorite blanket, a fan or your favorite pens and pencils.