This is what you call a 'Culture Reset!'

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Binge watching television during a COVID-19 pandemic will be a lot easier thanks to Netflix as they announced 7 iconic television shows that Black America loves are coming to their platform per Variety.

The streaming giant is bringing the following shows starting in August as Netflix's Manager Bradley Edwards, Content Acquisition and Jasmyn Lawson, Manager, Strong Black Lead says these titles have been on the subscriptions wish list.


The Game (Seasons 1-3)  

Sister Sister


The Parkers

Half & Half

One on One

Moesha will kick things off on (August 1st), followed by Seasons 1-3 of The Game (August 15th), Sister Sister (September 1st), Girlfriends (September 11th) to celebrate their 20th anniversary of the shows premier, The Pakers (October 1st), Half & Half (October 15th), and One on One (October 15th).

Launching the Strong Black Lead strand back in February 2018 this was created to uplift and and celebrate Black Hollywood and they didn't disappoint with this selection of shows.

We admit it, we grew up watching a lot of TV. And some of the beloved Black sitcoms of the ‘90s and early aughts had a huge impact on us. These shows made us laugh, and cry, and sing along with those catchy theme songs. And mostly importantly, we felt like we saw ourselves on screen – in some cases for the very first time. Every week we were able to tune in to see people, families and friends that looked like us and characters whose everyday ups and downs reflected Black life in an authentic way.

This weekend you will find me curled up on the couch with a blanket reliving all of these favorite shows from back in the day!

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