All of us diehard Dallas Cowboys fans are not happy with our team right now. We're a super talented 3-5 team. Not good.

We can scream till we're blue in the face to Jerry Jones of our displeasure with this season. But would he listen to one of the Cowboys youngest fans?

7 year old Rylan Wood was not happy about the Cowboys loss Monday night. So unhappy that he wrote a letter to Jerry Jones voicing his displeasure according to WFAA. He even threw in some clever zingers to the team.

He wrote in the letter that "we suck." #true

He wrote "I hope coach Garrett is clapping if this letter gets to you." Oh snap, little dude.

And for the close, "The cheerleaders are better the team this year." (He left out 'than' but we aren't holding it against him.) Ryan, you are the man!

Check out the full letter below.

WFAA via Youtube
WFAA via Youtube

No word if the letter has actually been mailed to Jerry Jones but it is making the rounds in the Dallas media pretty heavy. Mr. Jones is bound to hear about it.

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