Recently we asked people who live in or near Tyler, Texas which roads they dislike driving on the very most.

For simplicity's sake, 'roads' is used as a general term for streets, loops, etc. 

So most of us who live here in East Texas understand that compared to some Texas cities--like Austin, Houston, or Dallas, Texas--we have it pretty good in East Texas when it comes to navigating the traffic throughout the day.

At the same time, it's still frustrating for some at the end of a long day when the only thing you want to do in the world is get the heck home and relax and DoorDash something delicious. And since more and more people are moving here, the traffic is going to reflect that. Thankfully, city officials have plans in place to make that better. But of course, projects of that magnitude take time to bring to fruition. 

So, in the meantime, here we are. (Please drive like you know each other.) 

So what's the verdict? According to an impromptu survey by Tyler area residents, which road seems to be the most frustrating to drive?

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Obviously, there are various roads that could be mentioned that people find frustrating. Does any in particular come to mind for you?

We've got a quick list of 8 of the most common answers to this question with a small disclaimer: One of them is actually a parking lot. We decided to include it because quite a few people mentioned it in our little survey conducted earlier this month.

Any you'd add to the list? Let me know at

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