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In the coming weeks, the stop signs will be coming down at a major intersection in Longview and they will be replaced by traffic signals. For some time now Longview drivers have pleaded with the City of Longview to install a traffic light at the intersection of McCann Rd. and George Richey Rd. because of the amount of traffic that goes through that intersection on a daily basis.

After some traffic studies have been completed, the day has arrived that traffic signals are being installed. The work actually began a while ago at the intersection, although most couldn't tell what was happening because it was just a bunch of wires being strung across the road. It wasn't until the actual traffic lights themselves being hung from the wires spanning the roadway that confirmed it.

One of the first pictures confirming this was posted in the Facebook group All Things Longview by Charles Phillips.

Charles Phillips via Facebook
Charles Phillips via Facebook

He was one of several Longview residents that were finally glad to see this happening. Several other Longview drivers were thrilled about the news too, while one went on to say "should have been sooner and saved some collisions".


The City of Longview confirmed the news and said once the installation is complete the lights will not be fully operational for a while. To get drivers accustomed to the new traffic light, the lights will flash red for traffic on McCann while the lights will flash yellow for traffic on George Richey for about a week. After that, they will become fully operational.

While the lights are strung across the road, the city says they'll eventually be replaced with a permanent installation with the lights suspended from poles, but that will be several months before they arrive. In the meantime, drivers in the area will need to be alert and watch for either flashing lights or operational lights within the next few weeks.

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