When I first became of legal age to partake in an adult beverage, I didn't drink beer. As a matter of fact, I hated beer. I would only drink whiskey. It could be straight, it could be poured over a cube of ice, it could be mixed in a sour mix or soda, it didn't matter. As I got older and, I guess, wiser with my drinking, I developed a palate for beer. Now that I'm a more seasoned adult, I can enjoy both a good beer, particularly a craft beer, or a whiskey drink of some kind. A recent study showcases how much we Texans, in general, enjoy alcohol and how much collectively we drink of it.

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We Like to Drink in America

I'm gonna throw some stats at you from a recent study from vinepar.com. In that study, it shows that, collectively, Americans consumed 7.9 billion gallons of alcohol (beer, wine and liquor combined). Beer is the overall favorite of the study with 6.4 billion gallons followed by wine at 931 million gallons and spirits at 635 million gallons. I certainly contributed to the spirits and beer category, not so much the wine part. I can't drink wine because I simply do not have the palate for it. It all tastes like sour grapes to me. But I digress.

Texas at Number Two

Texas as a whole comes in at number two in total volume of alcohol consumed. Somehow California is the only state to beat us in this study consuming a total of 85.7 million gallons of alcohol. Texas is far behind at 56.9 million gallons with Florida at 50.4 million gallons, New York at 36 million gallons and Illinois at 25.3 million gallons to round out the top five.

This shouldn't be too much of a surprise to us, really, we can enjoy a drink just about any time. Let's just all remember to do it responsibly. Check out the full study at vinepar.com.

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