Going to one of the many East Texas lakes during the summer is a common activity for many. East Texas has many great lakes, both big and small, that provide a relaxing and fun way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon. At many of those lakes, you can bring a cooler of your favorite adult beverages to enjoy during that time. But due to some recent incidents at Lake Tyler, Tyler, Texas police have had to make some adjustments to how alcohol is consumed at the lake. The press release and Facebook post are a little vague but I will do my best to explain what the changes are.

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Enjoying Lake Tyler

Lake Tyler and Lake Tyler East are very popular spots for East Texans to enjoy some time on the water. That does include just hanging out on the shoreline, or on a jet ski or just relaxing in your boat casting your line. Many will also bring along a cooler filled with their favorite beverages to enjoy the time with family and friends. Problem is, some folks seem to have been loosening the alcohol rules a bit for themselves and drinking while in the parking lot area of the lake.

At least that's what I gather from a Tyler Police press release.

In a press release sent out last week, Tyler Police spelled out some changes to the alcohol ordinance of Lake Tyler. Since it is a city owned property, the city has the authority to apply such rules to the area. Due to some recent incidents in the parking lot areas of Lake Tyler, you can no longer drink in the parking lot. You will have to carry your beverages in their cooler to the designated area before they can be opened.

If you are in your RV or camper, on your private property on the lake, on a leased property area on the lake or a private commercial property, the rules are determined by that person or business. These ordinance changes only apply to areas owned by the city.

It is a little vague in the release but that's what I understand from reading it. If you want to enjoy an adult beverage, bring 'em. You just can't enjoy them in the parking lot of the city owned areas of Lake Tyler. Read the full press release below:

The Tyler City Council voted on Wednesday, June 14, to adopt new regulations governing Lake Tyler and Lake Tyler East. The new regulations aim to address problems associated with the use and consumption of alcohol in certain public areas of the Lake, particularly public parking lots and public parking areas, public boat ramps, and City-owned properties within 15 feet.

Cities in Texas have the authority to regulate alcohol in City-owned buildings and on City-owned property. As the owner of the Lake, including Lake Waters and certain adjacent properties, the City Council's vote amended Tyler City Code Chapter 19.

"It is important to note that the attached Ordinance is not intended to be a blanket ban on the use of alcohol at the Lake," said Police Chief Jimmy Toler. "Rather, it is a targeted measure to address issues in the public areas."

Transportation of alcoholic beverages between motor vehicles and boats and between motor vehicles and City-designated picnic areas, recreation areas, and camping areas will still be permitted. Moreover, the new regulations do not apply to the interiors of motor vehicles, including campers and recreational vehicles, City-approved events or leaseholds, private residential leaseholds, private property, commercial property owned by others, events conducted by governmental entities, or to government officials acting within the scope of their official duties.

The Tyler Police Department will conduct a review at six-month intervals to determine the effectiveness of the new ordinance. If any additional regulation at Lake Tyler is deemed necessary, those changes will be brought to the City Council for review and consideration.

The Tyler City Council is committed to ensuring that Lake Tyler and Lake Tyler East remain safe and enjoyable for all visitors.

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