As a parent we are hypervigilant, but not even the most attentive parent can be everywhere at once. TikTok user and mother to 8 kids, @theepiklife, took to the social media sharing platform this week to share a harrowing story -- one she hopes serves as a reminder to moms and dads everywhere, "watch your kids."

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It's hectic taking your children anywhere, which is why my wife and I try to split the kids up for errands, we've got three kids (3, 5, and 9). It just seems easier when possible. This is a simple fact, anyone who has kids just knows this.

I learned later on the security cameras that this man had been following us around the store and had I not been vigilant he could've taken one of them.

So let's dive into it. Here's a rundown of the TikTok story.

This mom, @theepiklife, took three of her kids to Target, including her 8-month-old, who promptly pooed his diaper when they arrived. So she left her two older daughters (one a teenager, the other 3-years-old) in the toy section and went change the diaper.

She says she first noticed a man giving off a strange vibe soon after they arrived. She then says he followed her to the bathroom, but still just kinda brushed it off, as a coincidence. She didn't want to overreact.

It was after she spent 10 minutes changing her son, only to come out to find the man still waiting, and then immediately begin following her as she walked away that she says she went into "high alert."

That's when she put her son in front of her and began walking faster, but as she walked faster so did the man. She rushes to her kids, and then they all see the man peak up over the aisle at them. She credits her families service dog with ultimately scaring him away.

At the end of the TikTok she says that "I learned later on the security cameras that this man had been following us around the store and had I not been vigilant he could've taken one of them."


@theepiklife Please watch your kids, I have never felt so scared! #fyp #momlife #motherhood #momsoftiktok #momtok #cutebaby #target #momhack #parenting #mom #dad ♬ original sound - The Epik Life

It's a tough balancing act today. We are bombarded with so much information and are supposed to be able to take it all in, siphon through the important bits, process it correctly, then react perfectly. It's not easy. We can't keep our kids in bubble wrap at home, nor let them run around unsupervised, like many of us did as kids. We've got to find that perfect middle ground.

It's tough.

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