There are a multitude of Facebook pages where members of a community like Tyler or Longview or Jacksonville or any other town in East Texas can become a member of to post compliments, complaints or just add a bit of humor to everyone's day. The thing about these pages is that they are a digital watercooler to discuss issues, rumors or just gossip. Well, an entrepreneurial East Texan has decided to sell tumblers based around a majority of the posts from the All Things Longview Facebook group.

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I'm not sure if this East Texan just wanted to troll the folks on the All Things Longview page or just had a lightbulb moment and thought up a great idea for a side hustle. No matter, its both funny and impressive. This East Texan is selling tumblers with some of the most common issues presented on the All Things Longview Facebook group.

For instance, there has been many, many posts from folks wondering about an unusual noise they heard and if anyone had any first hand knowledge of said noise.

Some posts can only have a small timeframe of relevance but not be discovered until a day or two later leaving some to question if this is still accurate.

There is always a post or two from someone who says "I never do this" or "I'm not one to complain" or "I always like to support so and so, but...." That post is then followed by a "Don't judge me" or "Don't @me" knowing good and well they complain all the time just not in a public space.

East Texans don't want to drive to a major metropolis or another town far away to shop somewhere or be entertained. They feel compelled to post their want of said entertainment or shopping experience to come to their city in hopes of that corporation actually seeing their post and build.

Those tumblers are available for order right now at for $32.50 each. As it states on their page, they want a local business to design then produce the tumblers. I have one place in mind in Jefferson that could possibly do this, EmBear's Vintage. I talked to the owners about their business back in January. You can read all about them HERE.

What made me really laugh about these tumblers is that they are perfect for coffee. All Things Longview was in a bit of a coffee battle recently with so many different coffee franchises opening within weeks of each other. It got pretty heated at times.

Make this happen and enjoy some self deprecating humor Longview.

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