I'm a pretty modest guy, most of the time I'm live and let live, most things in the world don't really get a second notice out of me. as are most of us. but each one of us has our thing. and for me... I usually ignore most ads and one kinda caught me when I was having a moment.

Here it is in all it's glory, A bear on the can... enjoying a commodity that seems to be in or out of vogue when it comes to COVID-19 Hoarding depending on what the latest thing is with the pandemic, but that's not really where I want to go with this.

What gets me is these bears really live in a strange strange world... a world where the entire ecosystem seems to revolve around their rear end and toilet paper. there seems to be no other events in their world other than going or inspecting after the go. I get it. its a toilet paper commercial, you need that. and it would be even creeper if it were regular human actors in these roles...

maybe I'm looking too much into this.. but then you get this little gem:

We get it! it fixes itchy little squirm... but so does any other TP when used properly. These guys have been on job since 2000. I'm all about "Enjoying the Go" but maybe we just turn down the intimacy of these ads a notch...

just sayin'



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