East Texas is full of great tasting restaurants and a wide variety of shopping with both options a mix of mom and pop shops and national retail chains. The one thing that's really lacking in East Texas is entertainment. Some places have popped up to give us that option like Grand Slam in Tyler, which is always packed on any given Friday or Saturday night. More of that is needed everywhere. A recent proposal during a Longview city council meeting could provide some of that much needed entertainment.

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Red Cat Projects went before the Longview city council recently asking for a $12 million investment from the city to bring a new 8,500 seat amphitheater to Longview. The proposed location would be at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Estes Parkway.

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The city would own the venue with Red Cat Projects responsible for construction , maintenance and operation, including booking of events, for the venue. Even one well known East Texas performer is all aboard on the project, Neal McCoy. This is part of what he had to say in a recorded video during the city council meeting.

Hey everybody, Neal McCoy here. East Texas own Neal McCoy. Still trying to figure out what this, when they get this amphitheater off the ground, where they're going to put my name. Neal McCoy Men's Bathroom, maybe. Steve, who I've talked to for quiet a while, and Jim, being involved in this thing, and I just want to say congratulations East Texas. Congratulations Longview. This amphitheater is gonna be terrific. Wish I could be there doggone it, this is a big announcement. This is gonna be fantastic for Longview, Texas and I'm all on board for that.

As of right now, the city council did not take action. There are still some things to discuss with the developers before moving forward. You can watch the full city council meeting below. Fast forward to the 1:22:00 mark of the video to watch the full presentation on the new amphitheater.

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