How often do you get to sink your teeth into a really amazing dinner, and the chef teaches you how he made it?  Learn some new tricks for cooking Texas beef at an event later this month in Tyler, and dinner is included.

Let's face it, the last thing you need at your backyard barbecue is a super-charred burger or a leathery steak.  At a cooking class later this month in Tyler, a beef expert will teach you some cooking tips that will impress your date and keep your family thinking that you're a champion of the grill.  This could be life-changing.  Or at the very least, tons of fun.

Tyler Parks and Rec will connect you with an expert chef to learn tips, tricks, and new ways to make the most of Texas beef.  Chef Rick Neal will teach you how to prepare beef the way it is "supposed to be done," which probably means perfect grill marks, tender bites, and flavor that hits you so hard you'll still be thinking about it the next day.

Chef Rick Neal moved to Texas in the 1990s from California and learned much of what he knows about barbecuing from his dad and uncle.  They taught him to barbeque everything from whole, bone-in pork shoulders, to ribs and chicken wings, and as we all know, those are gifts that keep on giving. Rick has made a career out of grilling, and when he's not doing that he's baking, carving fruit, and sculpting ice.  We'll start with beef and work our way up from there.

The class will be on Tuesday, Aug. 24 from 6 to 8 p.m. They're saying space is limited and pre-registration is required, so you'll want to hop on it sooner rather than later.  It's $20 per person and that includes dinner, recipes, and a demonstration.

Call Debbie Isham at (903) 531-1214 or email at for more.

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