Annnd it's time for the next chapter in "East Texans who ROCK."

Dear young lady with blue hair who works at the Burger King in Lindale, Texas--thank you for being awesome.

Seriously. I know we hear it all the time, but kindness is probably the most underrated value a person can have in our society.

Kindness without an agenda says so much about someone. It means that showing common courtesy and respect for a fellow human being is valuable. It says that THEY are valuable to you. And THAT can change someone's day, week, or even year.

Recently on a local social media group page, residents of Lindale, TX began sharing their positive experiences with one particular employee at Burger King on Main Street. One person made the initial comment and then many others joined in to share their own personal encounters with her.

So what exactly did the lady with blue hair do to make such an impression on so many?

Well that's just it. She was kind. She was super-friendly. She may have been just as tired as the rest of us or perhaps even dealing with struggles of her own. However, when it comes to interacting with the customers that come through, she goes out of her way to put off super-friendly vibes and to make the moment as fun and uplifting as possible.

The original poster said she has quite a few health issues and was just having a hard day, in general. Her interaction with this lady? She said it changed the mood of her entire day.

Another poster said this lady made the entire family feel special while waiting for their food. She made sure to offer that signature BK crown to everyone in the car. She has also been spotted running hot food to parked cars who had to wait for their flame-broiled deliciousness with a huge smile on her face and a spring in her step.

Many others went on to comment on similar things. It seems she is becoming quite well-known for her positive attitude and general kind demeanor.

Simple things, yes. But really not all that common anymore.

UPDATE: We have now discovered the lady's name is Jazmyn. So, if you have a chance and find yourself at the Burger King in Lindale, you may want to stop by and say thanks. And just like so many of the others who commented as such, you may feel as if you've met a new friend for life.

Well done, Jazmyn.

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