We hear it almost every single day:

One of the best, most responsible things we can do as pet owners or animal guardians is to make sure and get our pets spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Also, making sure those animals are properly vaccinated is hugely important, as well.

This makes perfect sense, of course. The fewer unwanted animals born into the world means fewer that need to find forever homes. This also eases the burden on those organizations in East Texas that are committed to helping all of these animals on donated/limited funds.

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There are some East Texans who sincerely want to take proper care of their animals, but they may struggle with the high costs that are some times associated with that care.

WHICH is why we were so thankful to hear about the Animal Protection League.

Based in Sulphur Springs with satellite offices in Longview and Palestine, the Animal Protection League, or APL, also has a mobile vehicle, which is actually a surgical trailer which they plan to take all over rural East Texas to make spaying/neutering and vaccinations as accessible and affordable as possible--all in place.

But here's the thing about the surgical trailer. They need a local business or organization to give them the space to set it up.

As a matter of fact, they're scheduled to be in Hallsville on November 5. However, they almost had to cancel the trip because they didn't have anywhere to setup.

Thankfully, First Baptist Church in Hallsville graciously offered their parking lot for them to set up.

The APL's mission, directly from their website, is:

To improve the health and well being of the area citizens while enhancing the quality of life of its animals.
To serve the region with pride by supporting low cost sterilization procedures by quality veterinarian services.
To encourage and promote responsible pet ownership in our communities.
A beautiful mission, indeed.
They go on to share that "a major goal of the League’s low cost pet sterilization programs is to end the excessive “littering” and the needless euthanasia of animals in rural East Texas."
They're going to be out and about all over East Texas this week. Connect with them to find out exactly where they're gonna be all week all the FAQ's  so you can get your sweet animal kids cared for----> HERE.

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