One thing Buc-ee's fans wish could be done is purchase exclusive merchandise online to be delivered to their home. It's really a smart business decision on Buc-ee's part making you physically go to a store to pick up some Beaver Nuggets or a new t-shirt. There has been some resellers who've popped up online that will go to a store, buy what you need and then ship it to you. One surprising reseller has popped up that is making Buc-ee's fans gasp when they see the prices, Walmart. Here's why the retail giant is selling scalping Buc-ee's merch.

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Walmart Uses Resellers

Yes, Walmart has exclusive Buc-ee's merch for sale through their website. What you may not know is that everything you can buy from doesn't actually come from Walmart. The retail giant's website is almost like a Amazon lite, they have resellers that will offer the same or similar products to buy, sometimes for a much higher price. That's how this Buc-ee's exclusive merchandise has become available to buy at The prices will give you some sticker shock, though.

Almost Double the Price

For instance, a plain red Buc-ee's t-shirt will go for almost $33. These are normally around $17 at a Buc-ee's store. A Buc-ee's tumbler is listed for $49.99. That's almost twice the price. A two pack of Beaver Nuggets will set you back $29.99 if you buy them through when it would normally be about $17 for two bags at the store.

Why so high?

A majority of these items are sold through the Buc-ee's reseller Texas Snax. On their website you can find Buc-ee's exclusive merchandise to be purchased online for home delivery at a small price mark-up. The reason for the huge mark-ups on Walmart's website is because of how much Walmart takes to use their website as the reseller. In fact, the owner of Texas Snax commented on a Facebook post in the Buc-ee's Lovers group:

Yeah, that's us, we resell it there. And oh man, that 1-star review was absurd.
We add about another 20% into the prices over there because Walmart takes a pretty big cut as the marketplace. If you wanna save cash, I definitely just suggest buying directly at Buc-ee's.
If you want it delivered, then I suggest not buying from a marketplace (Amazon, Walmart, etc.), but use us resold goods from us directly at or your other favorite reseller.

Just Go to a Store

Yeah, 20% is A Lot for the reseller to use Walmart's site. I'm glad they spoke up about why the prices are so high. But yeah, just take their advice and go to Terrell if you are really in the mood to shop for Buc-ee's stuff. If you're in a pinch and can't make it to a Buc-ee's store, then use instead of going to

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