Going to Walmart is the chore that most people in Texas have to accomplish each week although most of us don’t exactly enjoy the experience. I will admit I wake up early on the weekends so I can get my grocery shopping done as quickly as possible before the whole store fills up with shoppers and employees that are shopping for customers who put in their order online. But according to a new article there are some items that we should be avoiding even when we are trying to take advantage of the lower prices at Walmart. 

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We all know that Walmart is able to beat all of the smaller shops because they buy in such bulk, seeing as they have so many stores to keep stocked with merchandise. But that doesn’t mean that every one of the products they offer is a good value. Just like when you’re at the dollar store there are some items you should stay away from, the same thing goes when for when you’re shopping at Walmart just not on the same items. 

One Item On This List I Always Try to Avoid 

When I saw the list put together by 24/7 Tempo I was interested in the items I should avoid at Walmart because there is one thing that I always try to buy somewhere else, and that item did make the list. The main item I avoid at Walmart stores is fresh produce. I’m not sure why but whenever I buy bananas at Walmart, they are normally green and if I wait a couple days to eat them, they are brown, I don’t know how the Walmart produce goes bad so quickly? 

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