When I first saw the picture of this banana pudding on social media, my mouth began to water instantly. I’ve never wanted to eat banana pudding so bad in my life, and after speaking to the staff at the restaurant and hearing the story behind this amazing dessert, it makes me want to drive to Chandler, Texas right now. This heavenly dessert is made fresh daily by the good folks at Nettie’s Southern Kitchen. 

We all have those restaurants that you have driven by numerous times and want to stop in but just haven’t made it happen yet, Nettie’s Southern Kitchen is definitely on that list for me. Located at 206 State Hwy 31 in Chandler, TX, they have a nice-looking restaurant that looks inviting, which just gives you another reason to stop in. 

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The Banana Pudding Recipe Was Handed Down by Grandma! 

It was my absolute pleasure to chat with Ronda from Nettie’s Southern Kitchen who let me know that the banana pudding recipe was made by her 92-year-old grandmother, she is actually celebrating her 93rd birthday next week! It’s been a recipe that they have been known for and they truly love sharing the dessert with guests as it’s always a huge hit. 

Show Up Late, You Might Miss Out 

Because the banana pudding is so good, and well known, they do sell out sometimes. So, if you want to try the dessert that everyone raves about you better show up early before they all disappear. Now I know where I want to go for lunch! 

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