Just like so many people in Texas I survive each morning thanks to a hot cup of strong coffee. While we might not have the best or most well-known coffee readily available here at work, when I arrive around 4:00 a.m. I appreciate any coffee available. But when I have more time to get what I want on the weekend for example I love stopping to get an espresso from one of the local coffee companies here in East Texas. 

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Well, I have to be honest, I love to support local, but I also frequent the big coffee companies too. I’m an equal opportunity coffee and caffeine connoisseur. But recently there were people on a Tyler, Texas Facebook group that were discussing where to find the best espresso and it was fun to see all the comments and create a list of places that I would like to visit to try their espresso drinks.  

Getting Coffee in East Texas is an Experience 

There is something special about slowing down to enjoy an espresso drink at a coffee shop in East Texas. If you’re friendly with the barista you’re likely to leave with a new friend. You’ll probably learn about the coffee and espresso drinks they serve, which I think is pretty cool. 

Let’s Look at the Best Places to Grab an Espresso Drink 

According to many locals here is a list of the best places to visit when you’re wanting to grab a coffee or espresso drink around Tyler.  

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