To anyone who thinks they can come up with a list of the best restaurants in Tyler, Texas, I say, good luck. While I understand that Tyler might not bring the fancy restaurants that you would see in Dallas or Fort Worth, we have some amazing restaurants here. Anyone who has visited Tyler knows that while we might need a few more businesses for things to do, we aren’t lacking when it comes to fantastic place to get a meal. Which is why I am always interested when I see a new list of the best restaurants pop up online. 

This list I just stumbled upon was created by Family Destinations Guide, it’s a website that shows you some of the best things in a certain area. Obviously, I wanted to see what they said about Tyler and that is where I found this list of the 15 best restaurants in Tyler, TX.  

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The Problem With This List of Best Restaurants in Tyler, TX 

It was fun looking through this list of best restaurants in our area, but the problem I had is that the criteria for making the list were never really discussed in the article. I’m not sure if the author of this article has actually ever visited Tyler before or if she just looked at Yelp reviews online. I wish there was more background on the list. 

The List of Best Restaurants in Tyler, TX Isn’t Bad 

As you will see below there are both chain and local restaurants that made this list. It was interesting to see Stanley’s Famous Pit Barbecue not make the top 10, but everyone is going to have their own opinion on rankings. It was good to see Andy’s Frozen Custard on the list. Check out the rankings below, do you agree with these being the 15 best restaurants in Tyler, Texas? 

New List of 15 Best Restaurants in Tyler, Texas

This list shows us once again that there are lots of delicious restaurant options in Tyler, Texas.

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