While I have to admit Ruby's Mexican Restaurant in Tyler is on my list of restaurants I want to visit, I haven't made it to their location just yet. But I can promise it's going to happen soon and not just because everyone raves about their delicious food but also because they do things to look out for other people in the community and that is something I will always want to support.

I found out about this particular event from a post made on social media by someone here in Tyler regarding their experience at Ruby's. The post was made by Jasmine and describes being in the restaurant when a homeless man walked through the door. The man asked if he could wash dishes in exchange for a meal. The cashier didn't hesitate just asked the man to take a seat. Jasmine approached the register and offered to pay for the man's meal, but the cashier said that they have it taken care of. Just think about that for a minute.

This is a Perfect Example of Not Only Great Managers But Great Employees

In a time that you hear about so many restaurants worried about costs and staying in business with enough employees, Ruby's went above and beyond to look out for people in our community. This is the type of business that we need to stand in line to support. How amazing it is to find people and businesses that truly care about others.

To the Staff at Ruby in Tyler... THANK YOU!

There are lots of other restaurants who would have said no or made this man feel bad about needing a meal. But instead you did the right thing, and helped someone who was down on their luck. Thank you for spreading the kindness that we need more of in this world. This is real southern hospitality.

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