Thieves are the lowest of the low. Those thieves don't always have to be breaking into your home or car either. Some thieves like to be tricky and offer a great deal or a nice gift. These thieves are smart, too. They'll start off a simple conversation with you just by sending a text that says "Hi." After that, it will turn into a rabbit hole that could lead to losing a huge amount of your hard earned money. Let's take a look at this scam and how to avoid becoming a victim.

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The "Hi" Text Message Scam

This particular scam starts off with a simple "Hi." If you respond, the scammer will start some small talk to build a rapport with you. They'll even "reveal" that they are some kind of company executive that lives a very lavish lifestyle. They'll eventually turn this small talk into flirting and escalate it to a point that an innocent victim may feel like they are in a legitimate relationship.

The scammer will get to the point of being able to "teach" their victim how to trade cryptocurrency (which is kind of a scam in itself) or foreign currency. The thing is, these "trades" are being made in a made up market. It'll look like you've made some substantial profits when in reality, its all been a game.

If its Too Good to be True, it Probably is.

When you get to the point that you want to withdraw some of the money the victim "made," the scammer will shut down the platform the victim has been using to make those very "profitable" trades and turn it around to say that the victim owes the scammer money. A threat of law enforcement or government punishment is probably used to scare the victim into paying the money (

Don't Fall for this Scam

All of this simply for replying to a random text message with a sweet greeting of "Hi." The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to not reply to that unwanted text message. If you do receive a text message like that, contact your local authorities so they can get the word out to the rest of the area then delete it.

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