BJ Barham is performing online for fans every night. The guy is a workhorse, even while social distancing.

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Anyway, apparently when he's not singing into his camera for fans, the American Aquarium front man is watching Netflix -- just like us. His post a few days about the Netflix documentary "Tiger King" was one of the first recommendations for the show that I saw, after that Joe Exotic and Coronavirus have ruled my news feed.

This is not the cover many of you want right now, but I can assure you it’s the cover you need. If you’re anything like us (and 75% of my timeline) you haven’t been able to look away from the absolute train wreck that is “The Tiger King” on @netflix. The murder, the mullets, the new level of redneckery…all great reasons to watch, but what blew my mind was the music videos this guy recorded. If you haven’t watched it, I HIGHLY recommend you take the time to do so. I woke up with this fucking chorus in my head so I decided to chart it out and give it a go. This is the only take that I didn’t make myself laugh, so I considered it the “best” take. I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Maybe this can help pass a little time. 🐅🐅

If you're watching the show then you already know that Mr. Exotic can sing. Pretty well. I mean he's not going to sign a record deal, but I've heard worse. Anyway BJ took the time to learn one of his songs, and yes, he posted online for the world to enjoy. Hear BJ's take up top, the original down below. Thank you BJ.

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