Your Fur Baby Deserves A Nice Cool Dip In The Pool Too!

Summer is about to come to a close and so is this year's pool season as the kids head back to school and the rest of us settle in for the return of our "daily motions" but did you think about your doggy this summer?

Of course you've fed them and took for walks but did you do something FUN with them while also giving them a chance to cool off from the brutal East Texas heat? Well pack a "doggie bag" and bring your doggie out to Pawchella!

"Pawchella" Is The Annual Event Hosted By Tyler Parks And Recreation.


This event is an opportunity for dogs of all sizes to cool off from the summer heat. Admission is free, and there will be a best dressed competition for the dog’s summer swimwear where participants will be able to compete for prizes. Of course there's some things you need to know before you go!

Here Are The Rules!


Tyler Parks and Recreation says all dogs must have current vaccination and proof will be required to enter. No aggressive dogs allowed and all dogs must be on leashes while entering or leaving the facility. Here's what else you need to know:

  • Pawchella is for dogs and is not open swim for humans.
  • All guests must have completed an attendee agreement and waiver before entering.
  • All dogs must have proof of rabies vaccination in the form of rabies tag or certificate.
  • No dogs under the age of six months, and no female dogs in heat allowed.
  • All dogs MUST be friendly – no aggressive dogs allowed. Owners are to tend to their dog(s) and are responsible for them. City of Tyler Parks and Recreation has the right to remove any dog or owner.
  • Dogs may not go on slide.
  • Dog life jackets are allowed.
  • All dogs must be on leashes when entering or leaving the facility.
  • Children under 12 must be closely supervised by an adult.
  • Keep the facility clean by throwing away all trash and animal waste. Trash containers and waste bags will be provided.
Pool Dog

If you would like to register, you can visit the registration page or call (903) 531-1370. There's also a doggy swim event in Longview this weekend, CLICK HERE for more details. 

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