Are you one of the thousands of people who make it a point to stop at a Buc-ee's while on a road trip?

Buc-ee's iconic beaver can be recognized miles away, signaling weary travelers that a rest stop of epic proportions awaits them. However, if you travel near San Antonio, you might see what Buc-ee's claims is a similar logo belonging to Choke Canyon BAR-B-Q and mistake it for the iconic Texas travel stop.

This is the very heart of a dispute between the two chains, and they are back in court to battle for the trademark.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the competing chain based in San Antonio "intentionally used a cartoon animal in its logo to confuse drivers into pulling off the highway and provided similar items and services inside the travel center to further muddy the waters."

The dispute resumed Tuesday after a hiatus back in August 2017, and will be decided on by a jury of three women and nine men, according to the Houston Chronicle.

How would you decide if you were on the jury?

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