OK, stop the press. Is Buc-ee's finally going to have a fierce competitor here in Texas?

While many folks in Longview and Tyler, Texas continue to hope and pray that a Buc-ee's will move into our East Texas area--well, somewhere nearer than Terrell, Texas--it looks like Buc-ee's will soon have a rival. Some say this Iowa-based convenience store may actually give Buc-ee's a run for their Beaver Nuggets.

Have you ever heard of Casey's General Store, perchance?

Casey's General Store, now simply known as 'Casey's' since a 2020 re-branding move, is an Iowa-based convenience store chain that has announced plans to bring 22 stores to the North Texas area--which to most of us sounds like the Dallas, Texas area.

Casey's is also known for its clean bathrooms and prepared food options all over the Midwest and into Oklahoma.

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So what's up with this Midwest version of the beloved Texas Buc-ee's chain that opened its first store in 1968 in Boone, Iowa?

Here's what we know:

According to a story from MySanAntonio.com, "Casey's is a publicly traded company gas station. There are over 2,500 stores that cover 17 states in the Midwest with over 40,000 team members, according to the Casey's website."

Well, as aforementioned, Casey's is also known for clean restrooms, but also for its ready-to-go hot food options. One of its most popular prepared foods? Pizza.

And for people who love Taco Pizza as much as I do, apparently, Casey's is known for their version which is supposed to be quite good.

For decades now, Casey's has been crafting its signature pizza and surprisingly is the 5th biggest pizza chain in the entire country. That's compelling, for sure. But on top of that, customers can also enjoy mac n' cheese, burgers, wings, sandwiches, and more.

So how is it that Casey's is about to all of a sudden open 22 stores in Texas?

Casey's bought out 22 Lone Star Food stores, which will be re-fashioned as Casey's.

Now whether or not Casey's will finally offer some real competition to Buc-ee's remains to be seen. But regardless, I can't wait to try that Taco Pizza. And maybe, just maybe, Casey's will open a location here in EAST Texas.

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