Just burn the entire apartment complex down!

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The old saying "Everything is BIGGER in Texas" holds true as one couple in San Antonio got the shock of their life when they got an uninvited guest on their patio door on Friday (June 19th).

Look at this massive spider! (*faints*)

Teouna Thomas and her husband Ken saw this tarantula climbing on their patio door and it gave them the shock of their lives as they've never seen a spider that size before per KSAT.

While they were stunned at the sheer size of the huge visitor, they had to act immediately because their puppy was outside trying to investigate the matter as well.

Ken got a plastic container and found a way to capture the intruder and saved the day!

Come to find out, the spider is none other than the Texas Tan Tarantula and they are very common in San Antonio, but Teouna and Ken wouldn't have know that because they just moved there eight months ago from Dallas.

They are harmless and can grow up to four to six inches long and usually feed off of roaches and crickets.

The spiders usually come out at night, and to my surprise, you might see some wandering here in East Texas (fingers crossed that I don't).

As for Teouna and Ken they are ok, but will now pay extra attention to their surroundings.

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