We are very fortune living here in Texas, obviously my favorite is East Texas because that is our backyard. It’s the piney woods, it’s beautiful and there is a lot to enjoy. We are talking about wonderful restaurants and genuine people. But it seems like whenever you talk to someone from East Texas or Tyler specifically there are always a few things they would love to see added to the Tyler area. 

Restaurants We Want in Tyler, TX

It’s just human nature to want what you don’t have which is why there are always restaurants that are mentioned when it comes to what we would love to see open a location here. But it’s not just restaurants, when you talk to parents specifically, they always want more family-friendly activities to take their kids to have fun.  

While I don’t have kids myself, I can understand the desire for more family friendly things in the area. Especially after the mini golf course recently shut down in Tyler. 

Don’t Hold Your Breath on These Businesses Opening 

While we love to dream about having one or all of these businesses opening locations here in East Texas. I wouldn’t expect to see signs going up anytime soon. These businesses put lots of time and effort into seeing if a market would work for one of their locations. So, even when one decided to come to town, we’re all going to have to be patient. 

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Let’s Look at the Businesses We Want 

Here is a look at the businesses that East Texans would love to see open locations here in Tyler.  

Businesses We Want to See in Tyler, Texas

Here are some businesses and restaurants we would love to see in Tyler, TX in 2023:

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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