There are some hard-working Texans that rely on energy drinks to get their day started. I was working one morning next to a convenience store which was right now the street from a Fed Ex packing center. When all the trucks left the yard at 7:00am it was a rush on the convenience store like I had never seen before the breakfast food, energy drinks, and Gatorade's were gone. But there are so many different drinks that give lots of caffeine in each drink. Let’s look at which drinks contain the most caffeine. 

Caffeine Drinks

While a small level of caffeine can help people wake up or stay alert, if you consume too much of it you can often experience anxiety, lightheadedness or even get jitters. It’s a slippery slope as we are all working to be as productive as possible, yet we don’t want to jeopardize our health.  

Natural Caffeine is a Better Choice 

When you’re wanting or craving a caffeinated beverage you should try to stick to natural caffeine in drinks like coffee, tea and cocoa. They can have positive health impacts such as lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes, lowing your risk of heart failure, increase focus and productivity, and tea consumption is known to increase a person’s lifespan according to the American Heart Association.  

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Beverages Containing the Most Amount of Caffeine 

According to KXAN, here is a look at some of the most common beverages and the amount of caffeine is contained in each of them. Seeing these numbers might make you choose a new beverage when you’re wanting something to drink.  

Amount of Caffeine in Common Beverages We Drink All the Time

Here is a look at how much caffeine is in the drinks we love so much.

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