Do you remember the movie "Demolition Man"? It starred Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes in a post apocalyptic future world where at some point in time there was a "franchise war" between restaurants and there was only one victor left standing.

Knowing the way Hollywood works, I'm sure there's some "movie exec" who wants to "reboot" this so if I may offer a suggestion: Change this part from Taco Bell to Starbucks because at the rate things are currently going in the real world, especially here in East Texas, EVERYTHING is going to be a Starbucks soon.

The Coffee Giant Is About To Open Up Two More Locations In Longview


That's right folks, if you haven't had enough of Starbucks, get ready for MORE COFFEE as the The City of Longview has issued building permits to Starbucks for locations at 2105 Gilmer Road and 3620 Estes Parkway. These will be the city's fifth and sixth locations according to KLTV.

We Previously Told You That Tyler Is About To Have 13 Locations

Starbucks Reports Sharp Increase In Quarterly Profits
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We're quite sure the mighty Starbucks is adding more locations because the competition over the last few years has grown from smaller competitors looking to get their share of the $10 a cup brown water with caffeine rush. My colleague Michael Gibson recently discovered that Tyler is about to open up a 13th Starbucks location and I have to agree with him that its getting pretty ridiculous. So to all you "Don't talk to me until I had my coffee" people, there will soon be absolutely NO reason to carry on with your stank morning attitude because there's always going to be coffee around the corner.

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